Beginning with harvest of material from a bioreactor, downstream processing removes or reduces contaminants to acceptable levels through several steps that typically include centrifugation, filtration, and/or chromatographic technologies. While upstream and downstream technologies continuously improve, we still often hear about a “capacity mismatch” between upstream and downstream processes. Which downstream technologies are helping to put this talk to rest?

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Abrecht Thumbnail-1“Adenovirus Downstream Process Intensification: Implementation of a Membrane Adsorber,” by Helge Abrecht, Geoffrey Pressac, Amélie Boulais, and Philippe Permanne (Web / PDF)

Abrecht's article assesses three membrane adsorbers from three different manufacturers under comparable conditions for load, capacity, and elution.



Chamow Thumbnail-1“Capture of CH1-Containing Bispecific Antibodies: Evaluating an Alternative to Protein A,” by Steven M. Chamow, Angela Linderholm, Katherine E. Harris, Ute Schellenberger, Brett Jorgensen and Payal P. Pratap (Web / PDF)

Chamow's team explores how the growing use of therapeutic bispecific antibodies offers new opportunities to design downstream processes around alternative affinity-capture ligands.



Goby Thumbnail-1“Control of Protein A Column Loading During Continuous Antibody Production: A Technology Overview of Real-Time Titer Measurement Methods,” by Jeffrey D. Goby, Joelle N. Khouri, Anoushka Durve, Eike Zimmermann and Kenji Furuya (Web / PDF)

This technology review explores ways to control protein A column loading by using real-time titer measurement during continuous antibody production.


Tong Thumbnail-1“Viral Nanofilter Integrity: Using Variable-Pathlength UV-Vis Spectroscopy for the Gold Nanoparticle Test,” by Zhen Tong, Juma Bridgewater and Nuria de Mas (Web / PDF)

Tong et al. detail their application of the gold particle test (GPT) to postuse viral nanofilter integrity testing for cellulose filters.