Day 1 - July 8, 2020:  Learn More Emerging Therapies

Manufacturing CRISPR RNPs for Clinical Applications

11:45 AM ET — Shawn Shafer, Genome Editing Platform Lead, Aldevron

Technology Integrators in Cell and Gene Therapy ⁠— Increased Efficiency and Standardization

12:15 PM ET — Julien Meissonnier, VP & CSO, Catalent Biologics

Development of an Advanced Gene Therapy Platform

12:45 PM ET — Steve Pincus, PhD, Head of Science and Innovation FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

Meeting Regulatory Requirements for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

1:15 PM ET — Karen Magers, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Cell and Gene Technologies, and Rajesh Thangapazham, Head of Regulatory Strategy, Cell and Gene Technologies, Lonza Pharma and Biotech

Accelerating Clinical Development and Commercialization with a Lentiviral Vector Platform Manufacturing Process for Cell Therapy

1:45 PM ET — Kevin Beck, Senior Manager, Miltenyi Biotec

Solutions for Rapid Development and Manufacturing Responses to COVID-19 and Other Public Health Threats

2:15 PM ET — Richard W. Welch, PhD, Vice President Development Services, Emergent BioSolutions

Innovative Closed Process CAR-T Cell Therapy Platform to Streamline Approach for Manufacturing with Great Predictability

2:45 PM ET — Tatiana Golovina, PhD, Senior Director Cell Therapy Process Development, WuXi Advanced Therapies

Economics of Stainless Steel and Single-Use Systems

3:15 PM ET — Justin Carbungco, Associate Director, Small Scale Manufacturing, Samsung Biologics

From Target to Hit: The WuXi HitS Platform

3:45 PM ET Alex Satz, Senior Director DEL Strategy and Operations, WuXi AppTec

Get to IND Faster: Accelerated & High Performance Cell Line Development

4:15 PM ET — John Gill, Director of Cell Line Development, Samsung Biologics

Day 2 - July 9, 2020:   Learn MoreEmerging Techniques, Technologies, and Strategies

The Role of New Technologies in Enabling Cell and Gene Therapies

10:00 AM ET — Chair: Doug Miller, Managing Director, BPTG Panelists:
Daniella Kranjac, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Dynamk Capital LLC
Tim Kelly, President of Manufacturing, Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc.
Andy Ramelmeier, Executive Vice President of Technical Operations, Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc.
Ran Zheng, Chief Technical Officer, Orchard Therapeutics

Road to Commercialization: A CDMO Perspective

11:00 AM ET — Richard Richieri, Chief Operations Officer, Avid Bioservices

Plasmid Manufacturing Excellence: The Foundation for Multiple New Modalities

11:30 AM ET — Mario Kraft, Head of Process Development, AGC Biologics

GPEx Boost: A Novel Approach for High-Expressing CHO Cell Line Engineering

12:00 PM ET — Gregory Bleck, PhD, Global Head of R&D, Biologics Catalent

CRISPR Library Screens for Oncology Target Discovery at WuXi AppTec

12:30 PM ET — Yong Cang, PhD, Scientific Advisor, Oncology and Immunology Unit, WuXi AppTec and Professor, Cancer Cell Biology, Shanghai Tech University (Shanghai)

An End-to-End Integrated Solutions Approach to Commercial Viral Vector Manufacturing

1:00 PM ET — Jeremy Rautenbach, Global Product Manager Biotech Integrated Solutions, Pall Biotech

New Business and Funding Models To Accelerate the Development of Life-Preserving Therapies

1:30 PM ET — Jonathan Freeman, PhD, Founder & COO, Anthos Therapeutics and Senior Advisor Blackstone Life Sciences; and Abdelaziz Toumi, PhD, Head of Ibex™ Design & Develop Customer Solutions, Lonza Pharma & Biotech

A Holistic and Integrated CMC Development Approach: Committing to Quality, Reliability and Speed

2:00 PM ET — Jerry Yang, PhD, SVP and General Manager, HJB International

Securing Your Manufacturing Capacity During the Pandemic

2:30 PM ET — Richard Lee, Head of Drug Product Business Unit, Samsung Biologics

Leveraging Infrastructure Investments and Innovation to Accelerate Biologics Development

2:45 PM ET — Paul Jorjorian, Vice President and General Manager – Biologics, Thermo Fisher Scientific

On Demand  Learn More

Protein or Not? Advanced High-Throughput Aggregate Analysis with the Aura™

Presenter: Bernardo Cordovez, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Halo Labs

The Evolving Role of the Outsourcing Manufacturer: Why CDMO Is the New Normal

Chair: Dan Stanton, BioProcess Insider
Panelist: Magnus Schroeder, PhD, VP Process Development, Avid Bioservices
Panelist: Daniel Slone, VP & Head of Downstream Manufacturing, Samsung Biologics

Having In-House Manufacturing Capabilities Gives Cell and Gene Therapy Developers a Competitive Advantage — Discuss

Chair: Dan Stanton, BioProcess Insider
Panelist: Joe Rininger, Latham Biopharm Group
Panelist: Felix Hsu, Chief Commercial and Chief Business Officer,
WuXi Advanced Therapies

BioProcess Insider Interviews: Julien Meissonnier, VP & CSO, Catalent Biologics

BioProcess Insider Interviews: Kevin Sharp, Director Business Development,
Samsung Biologics

BioProcess Insider Interviews: Felix Hsu, Chief Commercial and Chief Business Officer, Wuxi Advanced Therapies

BioProcess Insider Interviews:
Steve Burton, CEO, Astrea Bioseparations

BioProcess Insider Interviews: Timothy Compton, Chief Commercial Officer,
Avid Bioservices

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