Day 1 - July 12, 2023:

BioProcess Insider Daily Interviews & Emerging Therapies

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BioProcess Insider Daily Interviews

11:00 AM ET — Igor Fisch, CEO, NewBiologix

11:20 AM ET — Luis Berrade, Senior Director, Biologics Testing Solutions, Charles River Laboratories

11:35 AM ET — Andrew Mears, CEO, Lead Candidate

11:45 AM ET — Emmanuel Ligner, CEO, Cytiva

12:00 PM ET — Darren Head, CEO, Bionova Scientific

12:15 PM ET — Min Park, Chief Business Officer, ATON Biotech

12:35 PM ET — Hayley Crowe, SVP, Purolite

12:45 PM ET — Michael Schrader, CEO & Co-founder, Vaxess

12:55 PM ET — Amita Quadros, PhD, MBA, Vice President, Commercial Operations, GBI Biomanufacturing

BioProcess Insider Roundtable Discussion —

How Did the Pandemic Adjust the CDMO Landscape

and How Will the Sector Change Moving Forward?

1:00 PM ET —  Anne Montgomery, Editor-in-chief and Co-founder, BioProcess International; Rich Richieri, Chief Operations Officer, Avid Bioservices; Sherry Gu, PhD, SVP, CMC Management, WuXi Biologics; Christelle Dagoneau, Senior VP, Global Biologics Business Development, Just-Evotec Biologics; David Chang, Chief Technology Officer, WuXi Advanced Therapies

One-Stop Integrated Viral Vector Platform for Speed to Clinic

1:45 PM ET — Carey Connelly, PhD, Senior Director, Process Development, Catalent

How Emerging Technology is Improving the Cell Therapy Manufacturing Landscape

2:05 PM ET — Mercedes Segura Gally, Vice President, Process Development, Elevate Bio


Day 2 - July 13, 2023:

Emerging Technologies

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Advancing Data Driven Drug Discovery

11:00 AM ET — Letian Kuai, Vice President, Head of WuXi Biology, WuXi AppTec

The Secrets of Ensuring a Successful Process Validation Campaign at a CDMO

11:20 AM ET — Pramthesh Patel, VP Process Development, Avid Bioservices

Advances in Protein A Chromatography Resins

11:40 AM ET — Aaron Moulin, Field Application Specialist, Purolite

BioProcess Insider Roundtable Discussion —

Adoption of New Technologies in Biopharma: Case Studies from the Front Line

12:00 PM ET —  Tom Ransohoff, RTI Consulting; Aaron Larsen, Technical Head of the Nucleic Acid Franchise, Resilience
Oleg Shinkazh, Co-founder and CEO, ChromaTan; Bogdan Knezevic, PhD, Co-founder and CEO, Kaleidoscope Bio; Kevin Lee, Head of CGT & Bioprocess Applications Development, Millipore Sigma

Enabling and Accelerating Targeted Protein Degraders and Molecular Glues Drug Discovery

12:45 PM ET — Tao Guo, Senior Vice President, Head of WuXi Chemistry, WuXi AppTec

Paradigm Shift in Biologics Manufacturing:

Leveraging Continuous Manufacturing from First-in-Human Study to Market Supply

1:05 PM ET — Christelle Dagoneau, Senior Vice President, Global Biologics Business Development, Just-Evotec Biologics

BioProcess Insider Roundtable Discussion —

The Next Generation of Emerging Therapies and Technologies

1:25 PM ET —  Reinhard Vogt, Partner, Dynamk Capital; Tim Kelly, PhD, CEO, RoosterBio; Nick Geisse, PhD, CEO, Curi Bio; Christian Cobaugh, CEO, Vernal Biosciences; Ella Korets-Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, Virica Biotech