18-11-eBook-RCA-Business-CoverManaging biopharmaceutical business decisions requires understanding complex interrelationships among multiple trends. Among those are continuing supplier consolidations, collaborations between industry and academia and between suppliers and end users, and opportunities arising from increased global regulatory harmonization. Factoring in parallel advances in technologies, therapeutic modalities, analytics, and automation, business developers can take advantage of expanded tools and geographic options for securing contract manufacturing capacity around the world. As companies step up to the tasks of manufacturing and distributing vaccines and therapies for COVID-19, the industry may never before have been this well-prepared to face the challenges ahead of it.

The four nominated articles in our business strategy category this past year confirm those and related trends. The top-ranked article provides a “deep dive” into analyzing capacity trends — knowledge that will be critical toward finding manufacturing space for and distribution of COVID‑19 treatments. The second-place article traces the benefits of supplier consolidation, urging creation of a worldwide network of facilities to speed production of clinical materials, conduct research, and scale-up trials. And regulatory reforms drive the content of our third- and fourth-place articles that describe increasing collaboration between academic researchers and commercial end users in Canada and greater opportunities for outsourcing manufacturing to Chinese companies, respectively.

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